Q: Why is it that real people like us never find treasure on treasure islands?

A: It's because the pirates stash all their treasure in the trees!

Few people know this, but one crab does, named Clawrence. He's greedy for Gold, Diamonds and Rubies, and he's found a great spot to catch them as they fall - if it weren't for all the pesky coconuts that fall at the same time!

Help Clawrence dodge falling coconuts, weave through airborne mazes and play beach ball keepy-uppy to collect giant, shiny treasures, and if you're really good, collect enough treasure to secure a place on the leaderboard!

Coconut Dodge is an addictive action game with surprising depth and variety of gameplay; requiring a keen eye, good reactions and an appreciation for charming summer time music!

Get ready to Crab some Gold!


Coconut Dodge is our first commercial game, which actually started life as our very first Flash game back in 2004!

Since then we've built a broad portfolio of games and interactive projects, including work for the BBC, Sony Computer Entertainment and Relentless Software.

After pitching an idea to Sony in 2007, we worked on some really exciting projects that unfortunately never saw the light of day for several reasons. This is just what happens in the industry.

We don't like to give up, so late last year we pulled together a small group of talented and passionate people, and decided to self-fund and self-publish Coconut Dodge.

We're very proud of this achievement, and to give something back, we're going to be giving a series of interviews and presentations about how we made the move from Flash to PSP™.

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